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TexDawg 93, Pilothawk 79, FattyMcButterpants 61, Mark Perry 59, Tritonman 58, Most Online 36, Jan 23rd, Print Thread. Joined: May So i have noticed more of the 4 stroke mercury pro xs motors coming on alot of boats.

Has anyone ran one yet, or heard of any major problems with these. I know they are the new line up, and I am definitely a 4 stroke person just for the non mixing of oil. I would love hearing input from the smaller sized engines like and as well.

Joined: Mar The reason your seeing more is because they discontinued the larger 2 strokes completely, too early to tell haven't heard any bad though. Joined: Dec Few minor issues dealing with something on the oil cooler a line or gasketbut have not read about any major issues yet. Joined: Jul Eagle Mountain Lake. Brent S. Lufkin, Texas USA.

mercury 150 pro xs vs yamaha 150 sho

Originally Posted By: Brent S. Originally Posted By: Brutaldudeski. Originally Posted By: BigDozer Joined: Nov Katy, Texas US. I have the new merc. Sounds great and it performs better all round then the optimax.

mercury 150 pro xs vs yamaha 150 sho

Slighty faster on the top end in my opinion. Oh yeah it sounds awesome! Bryan McDonough Nitro zAll rights reserved. Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. Login with Facebook. By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policyand to the use of cookies as described therein.

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Difference between E-Tech and Mercury Pro Xs 150

Most of the excitement at the Miami boat show last month surrounded the new Merc 3. There has been a lot of discussion on THT about this new platform. But Merc also introduced another variant of their 3.

Mercury ProXS Fourstroke Looking at the published specs, the biggest differences for the ProXS variant seem to be: 1 An increase in peak RPM range from to rpm 2 An increase in weight of 1 lb from to lbs for the lightest available model 3 No counter rotating option 4 Not "Big Tiller" compatible 5 GearCase: Change in gearcase ratio from 1. I'm hoping Merc dealers might chime in here with additional insight.

One question I have is the practical effect of the change in gearcase ratio? This, and the different rpm range, seem like the biggest differences over the standard Fourstroke. Another question is whether this is actually a completely different gearcase, or just a different ratio in the same gearcase with different paint scheme?

If different, how so? View Public Profile. Send a private message to The Spit. Find More Posts by The Spit. Admirals Club. Likes: 6. What happens is that with a ratio and extending the rpm limit, you get out of the hole a little quicker with all things being the same.

For example, this engine will produce more HP than the regularthe torque will be the same, but the HP will probably be higher in the later rpms, because HP is derived from torque.

So, for an application like a bass boat or performance boat, it should work really good. Send a private message to midcap. Find More Posts by midcap. Senior Member. Likes: What is the cost difference? Send a private message to MacCTD.

Received 2, Likes on Posts.Outboard engines in the hp to hp power range are enormously important to engine makers. This class of outboard engine is commonly used to power everything from 5.

Given the high volume and huge market for hp outboard engines, it should come as no surprise to find that all of the big brands have at least one hp model in their respective model ranges.

Some, like Evinrude, even have two — following the recent reveal of this Canadian manufacturer's new lightweight three-cylinder hp G2 outboard engine.

Low-profile Japanese engine maker Tohatsu is the only major brand that does not make its own hp outboard. It does have a hp model, but fellow Japanese manufacturer Honda Marine makes the outboard engine for them. In fact, Honda makes every Tohatsu outboard engine ranging from hp up. Before going further, it would be prudent to note that all hp outboard engines now sold new in Australia meet the very latest non-road spark ignition engines emissions standards regulations.

Ironically perhaps, the sales cut-off date for older, traditional carby two-stroke outboards has been extended to June 30, This measure was implemented to give power equipment engine makers and dealers more time to sell remaining stocks of these older motors.

Because of the drought conditions sweeping Australia, outdoor power equipment retailers are still holding large stocks of these non-compliant products so the government has granted a month extension to help clear them out. Conversely, the marine industry is in pretty good shape.

The leading outboard engine makers have steadily phased out and replaced non-compliant models with new, low-emission versions that meet the latest, tougher standards. Some retailers still have portable and mid-size two-stroke outboard engines left to clear mostly from Chinese brandsbut you won't find any major, accredited outboard dealers selling non-compliant, big power hp-plus outboard engines.

Irrespective of whether you can buy a non-compliant, older style carby outboard engine or not, why would you want to? The old engines were past tense used deliberately positively prehistoric.

All the 150hp outboard engines compared

Yes, they were cheaper, but they were no longer much lighter than an equivalent clean-technology outboard engine, and they were somewhat unpleasant things to use — loud, smelly, rough and clunky.

Modern, low-emission four-stroke and direct fuel-injection two-stroke Evinrude E-TEC and Tohatsu TLDI outboard engines run smoother and quieter, and use up to half the amount of fuel of an old carby or electronic fuel injection two-stroke. The old two-stroke engines really are dinosaurs. I don't miss them. Outboard engines these days are all very safe, reliable, durable and user-friendly.

Huge advances in technology made in recent years is reflected in the improvements in power to weight ratios for these engines pretty much across the board, and in the increased torque and low-down power delivery of the four-stroke outboard engines in particular.

Buyers also have ample choice of hp outboard engine models. Let's now examine the individual offerings from each of the five top engine makers. Not to be confused with the aforementioned and now banned carby two-strokes, Evinrude E-TECs are high-tech, sophisticated direct fuel-injected two-stroke outboards offering unrivalled low-down power and torque whilst exceeding emissions standards worldwide.

InEvinrude followed the debut of its revolutionary G2 hp to hp models with a series of equally innovative, smaller-capacity 2.

Weighing kg for the lightest model kg with the built-in steeringthis powerful, high-torque DFI two-stroke outboard is perhaps a little heavy in the hp size class, but is a leader in the higher-powered hp engine size.

Evinrude has now addressed any potential weight issues in the hp engine class with the recent international reveal of an all-new three-cylinder series of E-TEC G2 outboard engines available in hp, hp, and hp sizes.

Due in Australia in time for summer, these breakthrough outboard engines are estimated to weigh just kg, which will make the hp E-TEC the lightest hp by a long way. We understand these innovative new models house a direct-injection 1. If the blistering performance of the larger 2. Key Evinrude G2 features include digital shift and throttle, the iTrim boat trim auto trim system; digital instrumentation; custom colour engine cowling panels; neater, cleaner transom rigging just a single rigging tube in front of the engine ; a 7.

The current hp V6 Evinrude E-TEC, and the brand-new in-line three-cylinder hp model are both covered by a five-year factory warranty, require no break-in period, and there is no dealer-scheduled maintenance needed for five years or hours. Launched alongside its hp sibling way back inthe BF is a 2. The BF was sourced originally from Honda's automotive division, using an engine best known for powering Honda's Accord family cars.

As a result, the reliability and longevity of the Honda BF's valve, twin-cam four-cylinder engine was never in question. More than a decade after their debut, both the BF and BF continue to score very highly in customer satisfaction surveys worldwide. Despite being one of the oldest hp outboard engine designs on the market, the Honda BF remains competitive with its rivals.

Key features such as VTEC, lean burn control technology, multi-port programmed fuel injection, boosted low-speed torque BLASTa three-way cooling system to keep the cylinder heads cool and a dual-stage induction system for better breathing combine to deliver excellent performance and economy.John Buelow, Mercury Marine vice president of category management, is confident the new Pro XS will be a winner given that it's based on one of stable's most successful and widely adopted engine platforms — the Mercury hp.

The additional torque translates into quicker acceleration. In addition to the standard water pickups on the side of the gearcase, this engine also features four extra water pickups on the nose of the gearcase torpedo. This provides greater flexibility to mount the engine higher, install a jack plate, or trim the engine more aggressively while running to optimise performance. Corrosion protection: The new Pro XS provides superior protection against corrosion.

Mercury's proprietary ultra low copper alloys make this outboard better able to withstand the elements, including the rigours of saltwater operation. Mercury provides a standard three year warranty against damage due to corrosion. More Mercury news and reviews on our sites.

These Ads will be marked 'Sponsored'. Learn More Disclaimer In most cases, www. Editorial prices shown are a "price guide" only, based on information provided to us by the manufacturer. Pricing guide current at the time of writing editorial. If the price does not contain the notation that it is "Drive Away No More to Pay", the price may not include additional costs, such as stamp duty and other government charges.

Opinions expressed with www. Find a Dealer Become a Dealer. Welcome to Australia's No.A fast growing category, manufacturers are not blind to this trend and have brought some innovative new motors to the market that complement these larger boats perfectly.

Motors such as those offered by Seven Marine have opened up a market for center consoles that would have required more outboards than transom space allowed. Other manufacturers are beginning to follow suit, showing off their new offerings. At that show Yamaha Marine was showing its all-new 5. Both these outboards are chock full of innovations and represent the future of high horsepower outboards needed to propel ever larger center consoles.

The all new Yamaha 5. Designed to perform on this size of boat and chock full of innovations that resolve issues these larger craft can impose, it won the IBEX Award For Innovation in its category. Standing next to one it is clear that this is a huge motor that would look right at home on the transom of a massive center console.

Outputting Hp from its 5. Weighing in just shy of lbs these motors are not light but neither are the boats they are designed to propel. Yamaha points out that the power to weight ratio of these new motors is actually less than its lighter HP V8. Another thing to consider if taken aback by the weight is that these are designed to push boats of a size and weight that were once propelled by large outdrives or inboards weighing the same or more.

At the base of these huge outboards resides an equally large and impressive propeller. No matter what the RPM any change can be felt as these props push with authority. Another common issue sometimes found on larger center consoles is the poor thrust experiences while in reverse. Chock full of innovations this powerful outboard answers all kinds of other issues found with smaller outboards on large center consoles.

Efficient for its large size and horsepower this outboard gets its power through direct injection. The first of its kind in a four-stroke outboardatomized fuel is injected directly onto the piston at a very high PSI.

The result is an efficient, cool fuel injection that prevents detonation while increasing throttle response and producing more power. Because of this type of injection greater fuel efficiency is accomplished, all while using just octane fuel. The lower unit is also built for power and efficiency with larger gears to drive the hefty propellers and four intakes to keep water flowing well, no matter what position the trim is set to.

Other innovations include the completely electric steering system. With no hydraulics present the space taken up by lines and pumps is free and clear, giving more room in the bilge and transom area. All rigging is plug and play, as is joystick steering. Even the tilt angle of 70 degrees is designed for these engines being mounted on larger center consoles. The engines can be tilted up, bringing the whole motor and propeller out of the water, when not in use or at dock.

Yamaha engineers also had the forethought to design the engines so that they can be regularly serviced with lower unit and oil changes performed without having to haul out. The high output alternator is capable of outputting 72 amps at RPM — plenty of output at slower speeds ensuring power hungry systems are charged, even at low speed. Sea trials aboard a SeaVee rigged with triple HP Verados showed the judges just how powerful, quiet and efficient these new motors are.

Rigged with these top-of-the-line Verados, idling was surprisingly quiet and smooth. Power and thrust was consistent throughout the power band and even at high RPMS we could have conversations at normal voice levels while still hearing enough of a satisfying sound, reminding us we had some major horsepower propelling us.

The mid-range torque is also impressive and we felt no hesitation when accelerating mid RPM.

Lighter than the motor this outboard replaces with claims of being the lightest HP in its class by over 10 lbs and with all its improvements, repowering is easily justifiable. It will even use a lot of the same rigging from its predecessor and the electro hydraulic steering can even be retrofitted if desired with the new outboard. The all-new cowling is even designed to aid in servicing while at the dock, eliminating having to remove the cowling, an awkward activity at best.Back to the main site.

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mercury 150 pro xs vs yamaha 150 sho

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter mtudb24 Start date Feb 24, Messages 1, Reaction score Location Michigan. Seems is possible to upgrade a boat with twin 32" tubes to a hp but by gassing the capacity plate by 2 people So, current RCW can handle 13 people at WOT and hp motor.

A current can handel 10 people at WOTand a hp motor. What to do. What to do???? Rockie69 Well-Known Member. Messages 2, Reaction score Location Iowa. For one thing you'll gain the fact that you won't be wondering what the would do. This was my biggest reason. If you can afford it, go as big as you can. I'd go with as much as the boat can handle. For our second boat we didn't want any regrets when it came to power so maxed it out.

Plus any motor with 3 digits and starts with a 2 just demands attention on the back of a toon.

Bass Fishing Forum - Westernbass.com

Messages 10, Reaction score 4, Location York, Pa. Damn, I got a 2 on the front, but only 2 digits Link Moderator. Wow Lakeliving, if you consider Smitty fat I wonder what you think about me? No, the bennington is the super model, and the 20 hp motor is the slob. The bennington deserves better bigger.When you're feeding your need for speed, Mercury Pro XS engines will get you there faster.

Is your boat ready for new power? With many outboard options on the market, identifying the best engine for your current boat can be daunting. Saltwater boaters and fishermen have a lot to say about the Mercury Pro XS. Watch their comments here.

Active Trim by Mercury makes boating easier and more enjoyable by automatically trimming your engine. Take a deeper dive into what makes Mercury outboards stand apart with detailed information on each motor and the features that make them unique.

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Yamaha Outboards Accelerating: Old vs. New (Awesome Sounds!)

By closing this message, I acknowledge and accept the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy, and agree that my information may be transferred to the U. Sign Up. Select Horsepower Engine Details Built to take you almost anywhere and nearly 20 pounds lighter than its closest competitor, it's an incredibly fast high-output hp FourStroke outboard.

Great for bass, offshore fishing, and runabout boats. Find a Dealer Today. Engine Details Ideal for a wide range of fresh and saltwater boats. Great for compact bass, multi-species, flats and bay boats, and pontoons. Repower today! Sign up to receive the latest tips, promotions and news from Mercury. Sign Up For Email Enter your email address to receive the latest tips, promotions and news from Mercury.

Performance-Tuned Scroll Intake Manifold. Dual cable mechanical Hydraulic power steering. Electric turn-key Smart Start Electric.

Big Tiller Compatible Dual cable mechanical Hydraulic power steering.


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Mercury 150 pro xs vs yamaha 150 sho
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