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This is a quick guide to adding a new dictionary to your eBook. This uses the English Wiktionary Dictionary. I've tested it on my Likebook Ares and it works! Download the latest dictionary from DictInfo. At the time of writing, the latest English version is October The dictionary file is a. It's easiest to unzip it on your computer, rather than the eReader.

I recommend 7zip. Open up a book using the default reader app. Long press on any word and the default definition will pop up.

Boyue Likebook Muses 7.8″ Android eReader Released

You can build your own dictionaries using the Open Source Wikitonary Convert tool. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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Want to update or remove your response? Update or delete your post and re-enter your post's URL again. Learn More. At the time of writing, the latest English version is October The dictionary file is a. There are three files: wikt-en-en Press the A-Z dictionary icon in the top right corner. Untick the system dictionary and make sure the Wiktionary dictionary is ticked.

Then press the up arrow so Wiktionary is at the top. Press back.Compatible with EU sockets Ultra powerful charging function.

This 2A port delivers the fastest possible loading speed, so you can charge most PC tablets in stable speed. Compact and lightweight. Perfect for the home and on the journey.

Durable construction with aluminum plate. Thanks to replaceable holder It can be used with Tablet PCs with the screen size 5"". Also fits many smartphones. Energy efficient. Your eyes will thank you. Comfortable reading in strong sunlight as well as in dark ambient. With the supplied stylus, you can draw on the screen just as you would draw and write notes in your PDF documents with a real pen. Wacom digitizer ensures precise lines. In addition, thanks to the capacitive layer, you can control the Likebook Muses with your fingers like ordinary Tablet PC.

Android 6. Audio Type-C For your music or text-to-speech function. Play music in the background, listen to your audiobooks. High-speed WIFI 2. Surf your favorite pages or upload files or ebooks quickly and conveniently.

With integrated Bluetooth 4. Efficient, fast, comfortable. Large capacity battery With the mAH lithium-polymer battery, you can achieve about weeks of standby time. I can't decide wether to buy Likebook Muses or Nova Plus. I need to use Google Play to get the apps I want. What do you recomend? The Muses and Nova Pro are quite similar in usability.Boyue has confirmed to Good e-Reader that they will be upgrading all of their devices to Android 8 sometime in March.

They had initially planned on rolling out the enhancement late last year, but ran into difficulties. They have ironed out all of the problems and will be upgrading all of their devices from Android 6 to something a little more current. This is good news for people who want to download specific apps that are incompatible with a lower version of Android.

Whatever new devices Boyue plans to launch in will also have Android 8 as the default OS. In the meantime, Boyue issued a new firmware update for the Mars and Muses. It brings a slew of new features such as the mixing of color from the white and amber LED lights and a revised note taking experience. The UI has also been improved. Other models will also receive his update in the next week or two.

He has been writing about audiobooks and e-readers for the past ten years. Michael, this comports with what I had heard from Boyue through direct and indirect venues.

boyue likebook website

I had been trying to get them to address a problem I have been dealing with for the last 3 months — the inability to access the Android address book. Without that ability the only email program usable on these devices is Gmail. But now I can use something such as K9 Mail, which I have been using for the last 10 years, and in a very crippled mode lately on my Muses because I could not sync Contacts.

Boyue fixed that over the weekend. Contacts now sync! Boyue is very capable and responsive! Pingback: Likebook e-readers to get Android 8 in March xAndroid. Pingback: Likebook e-readers to get Android 8 in March - send wiki. People even try watching videos on e-ink or fry battery with bluetooth and wifi and then whine that it lasts only for 2 days. Wow, just wow. And your point is???

boyue likebook website

It should do certain things in certain ways. If you are happy with a regular ereader, so be it. I like it too. Time will tell and hopefully just a few more weeks unless the Corona virus has a continuing negative impact on this aspect of the ereader industry.

My Muses received the BYReader 2. No Androi 8. Checking it out. A lot of big fixes and enhancements. No Android 8. Quick Shipping on all Orders.Boyue has released an updated version of the Likebook Mars ereader they shipped last year.

The new model has twice the storage but otherwise very similar specs. It's called the Likebook Muses, and you can buy it from Amazon. This device runs Android 6. The Likebook Muses also has dual touchscreens; you can use your finger on the capacitive touchscreen, or write on the electromagnetic touchscreen with the stylus. According to the Amazon listing, the Likebook Muses will take those notes and covert them to text for you.

I never thought t check Amazon. The euro listing made no mention of a microSD card slot and Boyue hass yet to reply to my tweet asking. But I see the Zan tech specs say it can be expanded to GB. It is super annoying, when merchants and manufacturers are too stupid to provide unambiguous specs for the products they sell.

It is another name for microSD cards. This cannot be explained with oversight, it has to be malintent. If at least the USB port were able to work in host mode and read USB flash drives, but at least Onyx apparently failed to properly connect the power lines on its current Note devices, causing OTG mode to fail, unless an extenally powered USB hub is used.

Is the screen flimsy and not covered by warranty? My Mars broke in less than six months and they wanted me to pay a fortune to make it work.

Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. Previous Post Morning Coffee — 25 February He has been blogging about indie authors since while learning new tech skills weekly.

He fixes author sites, and shares what he learns on The Digital Reader's blog. In his spare time, he fosters dogs for A Forever Home, a local rescue group. Related Posts. Mike Cane 26 February, Now I must do a post….

Android eReader Released […]. Umami 27 February, Wacom stylus support is a great improvement over the predecessor device. Mike Cane 1 March, Name 3 March, Nate Hoffelder 3 March, Name 6 March, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Password Notices Tip Got Facebook? I recently decided to upgrade my e-reader, and ordered the Likebook Mimas from the Good-E-Reader website. The larger screen size, note taking feature, microSD slot, and the colour temperature glow-light, as well as the lower price when compared to the BOOX equivalents were the main selling points.

Since I got confirmation the other day that my order was in the mail, I have been doing some more detailed research into setting-up and configuring Mimas once I receive it eg: downloading some good e-ink friendly fonts, reading-up on Android Marshmallow, etc.

Since Likebook device information is relativity scarce on-line in English let alone info on the Mimas specificallyI will be sort-of "live-blogging" my initial set-up and configuration of my Mimas in order to to provide some useful information in a centralized place for future Mimas and Likebook devices users. At this per-reciving-the-device point in the process I have a few questions that I hope the members of MobileRead will be able to provide input into.

I spent several hours trying to look this up on-line, but I have yet to find a decent comparison between the various third-party e-reader apps. Some sources say GB, others say 64GB. And two related questions: will the Mimas automatically format a blank microSD card inserted into it? If the latter is the case what are people's thoughts on the Tachiyomi app I see in some reviews of Likebook devices?

I look forward to posting more once my Likebook Mimas has been delivered. Most LikeBook users are in the Android group. I have moved your post there to get you more coverage. I don't have the device, but we did some research to add support in KOReader: 1 Moon Reader seems the best android reader for Android based on users feedback.

KOReader has full support for the mimas but you'll need to place your books in the internal sdcard to be able to manipulate them from inside the application. If not SDHC supports up to 32gb and will be formated as fat That means that CBZ should be supported.

CBR it is not on official sources but maybe they implemented it. I have just received my Likebook Mimas this morning and have just completed unboxing the device. Everything is as expected. The tracking website used by Japan Post was not as real-time as the tracking websites used by other shipping companies, because when I checked on my package location earlier this morning my Mimas was still in customs at Pearson International Airport in Toronto and I live in Ottawa.

The Likebook Mimas itself is bigger than I expected, mostly due to the bezels. I got the black version even though the Good-E-Reader store only had the white version as a purchasing option which is OK by me because if I had a choice then I would have gotten the black version.

Boyue Likebook Alita e-Reader Review

The screen is not flush with the bezels, but the indentation is not as deep as the indentation that was typical of e-readers from several years ago. The buttons on the device do not stick-out as much as photos and videos of the device makes it look like.

Also, there is no branding on the front of the device another plus for me. The stylus that comes with the device feels light, cheep, and plasticly, but at the same time feels durable. The same can be said for the spare nibs as well. The case is as expected, and I have not experienced the too-tight issue that some reviewers had with it.

boyue likebook website

I now plan to connect the Mimas to my PC to charge; then turn it on, connect it to my home wi-fi, and let it update itself as needed.

I hope to integrate the microSD card into the main device storage. Any recommendations for Caliber plug-ins that were designed specifically for Likebook devices? Particularly for games board games like Chess, Go, etc. As a dyslexic finding a good text-to-speech app is particularly important to me. Reason: formatting. My Likebook Mimas booted up moments after I plugged it in. The device also automatically displayed the correct time for my time zone.

I was able to find the sample English language books, but it is clear that not a lot of effort went into the formatting of those books. The titles for the example notes documents are in Chinese, the actual note templates accessed from within the default notes app are in English.Password Notices Tip Got Facebook? Does anyone know whether the company's software is reliable? Highly interesting for me. Hope they improved battery life. Anyway, planning on getting it after reading some reviews.

Originally Posted by viceant. Sorry, I didn't intend to comunicate in another language. Simply, I failed to notice I have linked it. In China you can also find it with the name Boyue Paper.

Apparently there are slight differences between the two models. They talk about it in the comments herein Goodereader. Last edited by colibris79; at PM. Given the page turn problems I have with my t63 using the screen, I'm not going to buy a Boyue with no buttons.

Originally Posted by carltonbp. Originally Posted by colibris Does anyone know if it s OTG compatible? Last edited by frenchheart; at AM. Originally Posted by frenchheart. Last edited by colibris79; at AM. Here you can see a post in Chinese comparing it with the JDRead.

Boyue Likebook Mars Full Review - 7.8" Android eReader

In that post it doesn't mention the OTG. A video in Chinese where when can see how it manages pdf. Another video where we can see the reading app And here a video comparing the T80 and the Paper model Likebook Plus. This last model doesn't have a Micro SD card. Thks for your answers. Hi guys. I got my Boyue Paper o Likebook Plus a few days ago. And I can tell you that I am very happy with it. I was just what I was looking for. The screen is nice both definition, touch-reaction and backlight and the firmware works smoothly.

Battery performance is not bad at all for this kind of Android devices. It comes with Google Play installed so you can install whatever you want. It also has OTG and Bluetooth.

boyue likebook website

On the downside I have to say that it doesn't have page-turn buttons it doesn't have a reset button.The Boyue Likebook Alita can be considered a second generation Likebook Mimas, which is the most successful e-reader that Boyue has ever released. The main selling points is that it has a flush screen and bezel design, which should make it easier to make notes and edit PDF files. It also has double the RAM, which should make multitasking and running Android apps, much more robust.

The Likebook Alita features a Unlike the Likebook Mimas, the screen is completely flush with the bezel, which should make it easier to draw or make notes. This is because you can draw edge to edge on a flush screen, whereas with a sunken screen, drawing along the edges is hit or miss. A glass screen will also prevent you from scratching the display if you press hard on the stylus, tradition e-paper screens can get scratched, which is why you need a screen protector or some sort of film.

The Alita has a front-lit display and a color temperature system. The front-light has a series of white LED lights on the bottom of the screen and project light upwards.

Likebook for Facebook

This is useful if you are using the Alita in complete darkness or low light conditions. It basically helps mute the screen, giving you a softer and warmer light. Some people dig this because the screen is not as bright when you are working at night and if you are simply reading an ebook in bed, you will likely not disturb your partner.

Underneath the hood is a octa-core 1. This is a neat little design feature and I hope other vendors decide to employ it in the future. The SD card is capable of reading up to GB, so you will have no shortage of available storage for your PDF files, sideloaded ebook collection or simply offloading your apps to the expandable storage.

Android on e-readers takes up a lot of background processes and if you use apps regularly, you can quickly drain the battery within a few days. This device also has a USB host controller, so you will be available to physically connect up keyboards or mice or other devices, such as foot pedals for musicians. Speaking of music, the Alita also has audio functionality with stereo speakers on the bottom of the device, a 3.

There is literally no shortage of ways you can listen to an audiobook or music with the Alita. There are very few e-readers or digital note taking devices on the market that have a microphone, most vendors simply see it as a relevant feature that many people will not use. The Alita does have one on the bottom of the screen, this is useful for Skype, Whatsapp or even Discord, where voice comms is essential. There is no camera though, but really what e-reader these days even has on?

On the top of the Alita is a power button to turn it off or to put it to sleep and a status indicator light. On the bottom are the two speakers and USB-C port.

On the right side is the hidden SIM card tray and on the left side is nothing. The back of the device has the Likebook Logo and some certification information. The entire device is black along the bezel and black on the back.

I find that black e-readers really help make the e-paper display really shine and adds a bunch of contrast to the text on the screen. In an upcoming video we are going to compare white and black bezels to see if the contrast issue is a real thing, or if its psychological, so stay tuned. The Alita industrial design is really solid. The flush screen and bezel is a solid upgrade from the Mimas and double the amount of RAM will help with drawing and running apps. This might be the best all around digital note taking device on the market.

The overall software experience on the Boyue Likebook Alita is subject to change. The company is also considering delaying the release of by a few months in order to totally revise the home screen, solve a bunch of PDF editing bugs and introduce more digital note taking features. They are on the fence whether they should just release it now and introduce all of the bug fixes and enhancements via a series of firmware updates or that all now and release the e-reader later.

The company should have a definitive answer sometime in the next few weeks, so stay tuned to our website for more information. As it stands right now the top of the home screen comprises of a few different UI elements.


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